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7X7 Custom Engraved Sketchbook

7X7 Custom Engraved Sketchbook

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Upload your own file for a custom engraved sketchbook, the sketchbooks will be on birch wood and finished (no dark stains) Choose between these paper types, mixed media ultra thick paper (24 sheets 350GSM) or Cardstock (163GSM) with 40 approximate sheets.

Mixed media paper can be used with acrylics, markers,watercolors, colored pencils, graphite and inks.

Cardstock is recommended for pens and pencils, and markers. However could take watercolor but may warp.

Shipping time is longer due to this being a custom item- expect 5-7 days of production time, then shipping time.

Files are recommended to be square to fit the sketchbook best. Please upload a high quality image -- 300 DPI is the best for this.  (Preferable in PNG or SVG) MAKE SURE IT'S IN BLACK AND WHITE - NO GREY ---Images will be converted if not an SVG so minor changes may occur. I will try my best to match the art however lower quality images convert not as well.

Just fill out the form below with your name and with the file.


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